Desktop QuickBooks US, xTuple, Openbravo POS Integration

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ok I finished, phase I

I have been working on migrating the way I access the database to be web-centric. Well I finish, importing from QuickBooks to a backend database ( ms sql 2008, db2 9.7.2, informix 11.7, postgres 9.0, mysql 5.5.8 or sqlite3) I did test with all of them. However, for production I will use PostgreSQL. There are two ways interacting with the backend, as security goes. One, super user (creates the database, creates the low privilege user, grant access to the low privilege user to his data), and the low privilege user to access his quickbooks database. The second way, is all controlled by the backend (database creation, low privilege user activation, grants database access) . The second way is more secure as it relies on user defined functions.
This code uses NHibernate 3.0, Spring.Net 1.3.1, QBFC 10, .Net. I am slightly satisfy.
Let me continue to do some tests.

Friday, September 10, 2010

An svn anonymous checkout of some related code

from the comand line

This is an anonymous read only checkout of a big part of the installers and some area of the code.

I am not modifying this area, because like I have mentioned, the code is being migrated to a MySQL web based database.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is my response to a MS WP7 Evangelist

Yes I am planning to develop a WP7 app, at some point from here until December.

My App, was/is Desktop centric. I am migrating it to be web centric. It consist of Sync QuickBooks Desktop US to a WM 6.5 Phone

I added xTuple ( a CRM soft) and Openbravo POS support.
It uses sqlite3 extensively.I am migrating the data to be on the web ( using MySql+Asp.Net+ WCF Services). My old app, was a very fat app for a WM 6.5 device 2.2 M+ in size. 60+ tables.
It was done using MFC+sqlite3. The new GUI potentially could be SilverLight. I am working in porting the database first to C#.

2- The phone will be a tough fight for #3 or #4 spot, I dont see it competing with Iphone 4, or Android 2.2
with BB it can. At least this version, I am impress but I have seen the other ones, specially Android with java very easy to code.

You need database support SqlCE or Sqlite3

..because I am moving to the Web the data, an Azure solution may interest me, but tooo expensive. I have no idea how much it will cost to host this data on the Azure platform.
I am not doing this for financial gain, just for my own intellectual pleasure.
thanks bye.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ok just too busy

I have not posted in a while.

  1. I am still working on the Openbravo ERP --> Windows Mobile
  2. I am also working on migrating the data to the web, now the data resides on the desktop and pda devices as sqlite3. It will continue like that but now I will add a new layer, from the desktop to the Web ( on MySQL) from there to the PDA.The PDA will consume this data as Rest services, sometimes they may be able to cache it locally.
  3. I am working on an Android (uses Java has local database support aka sqlite3, it is Java code) version and a Windows Mobile 7 version (uses Silverlight, doesnt have local database support aka NO sqlite3, it is C# code).
  4. All these will keep me busy for 2-3 months easy.
  5. The Web app, will be based, I really dont have strong opinion on it, it could have been J2EE or Python or PHP. This app wont be a GUI app, the GUI will still be native on the PDA. However, this web-app will just expose the data to be consumed as Rest services. The code will be using nHibernate 3.0, and Spring.NET. It is not that different from Java Hibernate or Java Spring.
  6. I am doing all these by myself, just way way too much work. I will be willing to share the code and do this project open source but first I need to see commitment from the potentail people that may get involved.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Openbravo ERP 5/10

So it begun, I started working on the Mobile Openbravo ERP. The learning curve has been step. Based on my pgAdmin the latest OB database I have, has 473 Tables, 75 View, 382 Functions, just looking at it made me dizzy. I have to create an import/export engine between their database and what I have on the PDA. Took a look at their hibernate module. But I will use exactly the same technique, a python script using sqlalchemy and thats it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mobile POS for Openbravo POS 4/10

Ok, some updates, I migrated all the source code to web svn on openbravo forge. I changed the import/export OB POS code from using psycopg2 ( a python postgres driver) to use sqlalchemy. This allow me to use postgres, mysql, oracle or whatever the OB POS database is using. The first two my guess is 80%+ of the customers are using it. I did test using Postgres and MySQL.
Also, started to play with OB POS java code to have one full install with my GUI running inside OB POS. This means the end user will have one place to install the PDAs and manage the PDAs from the OB POS GUI itself. As now, they have two separate products with disparate GUIs and look and feel, one is java swing based, the other one is MFC GUI based. Here is a picture of how the integrated GUI will look, this is a very rough rough rough idea. From the Maintenance->Users I will add a Tab page just as the MFC GUI does with specific PDA Users Roles and PDA specific behavior.

 I wish I can start the Mobile POS----OB ERP sync but lets wait to see when this one will become stable.
Anyway, I am uploading a new version with all these changes.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mobile POS for Openbravo POS 3/10

I just have way way too much pressure. I feel, I am going to collapse. The software is not ready yet, I have a list of like 7 critical bugs under the openbravo forge. I just finished testing the full sync through USB. I have not done or tested ftp sync, aka web sync. Keep receiving 2-3 request for keys a day.
 Fernando is doing his best, I have no idea when we will finish. These are the list of bugs I am just dead.