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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ok just too busy

I have not posted in a while.

  1. I am still working on the Openbravo ERP --> Windows Mobile
  2. I am also working on migrating the data to the web, now the data resides on the desktop and pda devices as sqlite3. It will continue like that but now I will add a new layer, from the desktop to the Web ( on MySQL) from there to the PDA.The PDA will consume this data as Rest services, sometimes they may be able to cache it locally.
  3. I am working on an Android (uses Java has local database support aka sqlite3, it is Java code) version and a Windows Mobile 7 version (uses Silverlight, doesnt have local database support aka NO sqlite3, it is C# code).
  4. All these will keep me busy for 2-3 months easy.
  5. The Web app, will be based, I really dont have strong opinion on it, it could have been J2EE or Python or PHP. This app wont be a GUI app, the GUI will still be native on the PDA. However, this web-app will just expose the data to be consumed as Rest services. The code will be using nHibernate 3.0, and Spring.NET. It is not that different from Java Hibernate or Java Spring.
  6. I am doing all these by myself, just way way too much work. I will be willing to share the code and do this project open source but first I need to see commitment from the potentail people that may get involved.


  1. It's about time for a new blog release... still busy?