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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mobile POS for Openbravo POS 4/10

Ok, some updates, I migrated all the source code to web svn on openbravo forge. I changed the import/export OB POS code from using psycopg2 ( a python postgres driver) to use sqlalchemy. This allow me to use postgres, mysql, oracle or whatever the OB POS database is using. The first two my guess is 80%+ of the customers are using it. I did test using Postgres and MySQL.
Also, started to play with OB POS java code to have one full install with my GUI running inside OB POS. This means the end user will have one place to install the PDAs and manage the PDAs from the OB POS GUI itself. As now, they have two separate products with disparate GUIs and look and feel, one is java swing based, the other one is MFC GUI based. Here is a picture of how the integrated GUI will look, this is a very rough rough rough idea. From the Maintenance->Users I will add a Tab page just as the MFC GUI does with specific PDA Users Roles and PDA specific behavior.

 I wish I can start the Mobile POS----OB ERP sync but lets wait to see when this one will become stable.
Anyway, I am uploading a new version with all these changes.

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