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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mobile POS for Openbravo POS 1/10

  I guess will need 10 more posts, before I finish. Because actually I am downsizing ( this word is recession friendly) the Mobile POS from QuickBooks to make it works for Ob POS. I have to remove Timetracking, Estimates, Vendors, Bills, Checks and more modules that Ob POS doesn't use. So doing some tests I noticed a menu, with the Timetracking choice enable. This doesn't make sense as Ob POS doesn't have timetracking. I have to make sure I disable, obfuscate, hide all these extra menus, choices, modules because it could confuse an end user.
 Enough, download, remove, re-install, and test to see all data making sense, all menu choices making sense.

 Ob POS has something call tickets. I have to rename the labels to read 'Tickets'

 I know, I know is getting there. I wonder the Spanish translation what will be, and German ? Ob POS runs localized in all these languages, at some point Mobile POS will have to behave/display like his localized master. I will get there, but for now English.

 ...and and you know is coming Mobile POS for Openbravo ERP. I dont know how, when but it will be done. I promise you, you will see OB ERP data on your Windows Mobile phone. Let me finish with this one.


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  1. I can provide you help with Spanish & Romanian translations.
    Also basic C# help. I'm very interested about this project. If I can be any help, please contact me at

    Best regards and you're doing a great job,
    Aurel Tirnovanu