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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mobile POS for Openbravo POS

I am working on a beta for putting some of the data from Openbravo POS in Mobile POS.
Wait 2 more weeks, I have a beta.

It will be easy because OpenBravo POS has its own database, with like 34 tables, they resemble my datamodel. Originally it will be for people using Postgres as the backend. Later I will see what else they use, Apache Derby ?

The one I did for xTuple is still there in sourceforge, but I dont see it becoming popular, it was just a beta.

Ok, Ok I finally have an Alpha, is not complete, I would say is like 85%.
I am uploading it now to sourceforge

Ahhh 5-05-10, I found a bug I was missing a file on the install
C:\Program Files (x86)\SierraCode\MobilePointofSale 1.0 OpenbravoPOS Integration\python\
I just uploaded the fix to sourceforge.

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  1. I just followed the link to the download, but I am reading your post as it executes and you mention a Key?? There is no link to a key or registration, before I start the exercise of trying to Install where do I get a Key.