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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Bug on the QuickBooks version

I had a bug on the Mobile POS the QuickBooks version. It was importing the current opened company file but at the time of syncing with the PDA on the cradle it was only sending one company file. Usually the dummy database I have set up,  C:\ProgramData\SierraCode\Sample Consulting Business.db3.

Please anyone with an old version, download the install version 2.0.1166 remove the previous one, re-install this one.

I know how it goes. Unfortunately this software is not mature 100%. I still find bugs, and end-users tell me of issues. Just have some patience and bear with me all this pain. Until it becomes rock solid, we are getting there one bug at a time. -:)

Like I keep mentioning, email me if you find any issue. I can only test so much.


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