Desktop QuickBooks US, xTuple, Openbravo POS Integration

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mobile POS for Openbravo POS

I am working on a beta for putting some of the data from Openbravo POS in Mobile POS.
Wait 2 more weeks, I have a beta.

It will be easy because OpenBravo POS has its own database, with like 34 tables, they resemble my datamodel. Originally it will be for people using Postgres as the backend. Later I will see what else they use, Apache Derby ?

The one I did for xTuple is still there in sourceforge, but I dont see it becoming popular, it was just a beta.

Ok, Ok I finally have an Alpha, is not complete, I would say is like 85%.
I am uploading it now to sourceforge

Ahhh 5-05-10, I found a bug I was missing a file on the install
C:\Program Files (x86)\SierraCode\MobilePointofSale 1.0 OpenbravoPOS Integration\python\
I just uploaded the fix to sourceforge.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Bug on the QuickBooks version

I had a bug on the Mobile POS the QuickBooks version. It was importing the current opened company file but at the time of syncing with the PDA on the cradle it was only sending one company file. Usually the dummy database I have set up,  C:\ProgramData\SierraCode\Sample Consulting Business.db3.

Please anyone with an old version, download the install version 2.0.1166 remove the previous one, re-install this one.

I know how it goes. Unfortunately this software is not mature 100%. I still find bugs, and end-users tell me of issues. Just have some patience and bear with me all this pain. Until it becomes rock solid, we are getting there one bug at a time. -:)

Like I keep mentioning, email me if you find any issue. I can only test so much.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Windows 7 --- 64 Bit

Well I got a new laptop. I think I was the last one to get it

It was similar to this one, Turion II Ultra 2.4, and the HD is 500G 7200, 4G RAM
If you see the laptop I was using to develop before you think I am crazy. It was super slow, some Dual Pentium Windows Vista Toshiba Satellite. It was like 3.6 years old. The Windows Mobile build would take like 3 min, on the new one like 1 min.

So, now I can test under 64 Bit. And....and I found bugs. I compiled the app now the .net part for Any CPU if not I have issues reading from the registry under 64 Bit..

The xTuple Desktop GUI Integration was crashing. I have to fix that too.
The Bold text seems to fix the problem.
lResult = RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,

KeyToReadOriginal, 0, KEY_READ | KEY_WOW64_64KEY,&hSoftKey);

So, I know some people are downloading the app, but if it is crashing they are not emailing me. Soon, I will change that. Now to run the app you will have to email me first some unique keys that I use. So, I can have more control who, why, when, what is using this.

Addendum 4-23-2010
One more bug, registering qbfc8.dll the COM dll to talk (import/export) with QuickBooks
Under 64 bit, I have to register this dll under $(env.PROGRAMFILES) (x86).
More changes, I included now the QBFC8_0Installer.exe and run it after installing the software. This QBFC8... will install qbfc8.dll for me. Now the install went from 17M to 27M.