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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

240x400 480x800 WVGA

480x800 is called Wide VGA example --> HTC phone from ATT

The Windows Mobile Professional works under these two screen resolutions. I will have to update the software under Microsoft marketplace. Mobile POS 2.1 doesn't have that the one under sourceforge does. I updated the one on MS to 2.1 but 2.2 is ready with these new screen sizes.

  I found out when submitted for certification, I did not check these resolutions. So if someone is accessing MS marketplace from an HTC phone 480x800 wont see the software as it was not certified for these resolutions.  Ok Ok my mistake.

  I will give it a couple of weeks, to certify 2.2 with 480x800 and 240x400.

 Any way, any msg, idea, if someone knows when will stop raining in Atlanta pls email me.


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