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Monday, February 15, 2010

Well, testing, testing

I got a problem with the Standard version of the software and I resubmitted to Microsoft Marketplace.

Here is a list of Microsoft phones. They do have a lot choices.

Here this looks very competetive

Anyone who find a problem pls email me.



  1. I have a HTC Touch Pro 2 with Windows 6.5. I your latest installed but it doesn't sync the current QB company file into the phone. It will import into the desktop app and it's seen with correct data/rep in the desktop app, but in the mobile app it only shows an obvious dummy company data file from the Moblie POS system not from the PC.

  2. From the Desktop App you have two choices.

    1-Click Sync with PDA, if your PDA is seating on the cradle.
    2-Click Web Sync, this will Start a Software that works like an FTP server to sync with the PDA. From the PDA click Link, make sure the IP you are synchronizing is your Desktop computer click Send and thats it.

    Initially try option 1, until you feel comfortable.

  3. About to download, looks like a great app.

    Any change there is QB online support in the works??

  4. support QB Online, could be, could be. I am working on an xTuple version, supporting BlackBerry, on the field CC txn. I find out these HTC phones use 480x800 resolution, I was not supporting that but 240x600 or 480x600. This 480x800 is new to me, done.