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Friday, February 26, 2010

CPropertySheet on Windows Mobile Standard

First things first, I am super surprised on the interest on the Windows Mobile Standard version, 30 downloads a day. Just published it last Monday, so I am adding some features that were lacking and the WinMob Professional already had.

I have been working on Adding CPropertySheet on the Windows Mobile Standard. I found a way. Here are the pictures

From the Customers List, Click Choices

Another Menu, now Click Details. This will take you to the Customer Details ( My own CPropertySheet)

More Choices

Now you have all the Customers-Jobs information like the WinMob Professional.

So now I will upload to sourceforge this new version. The same work will be applied to Items, and Invoices. Will allow to see/edit details.

I was working on the xTuple  version when I read an article some people are interested on a Mobile xTuple. I am working on it a lot. You can read previous posts I had about it.If someone reads this and is interested in Beta testing pls, email me ASP. I have a read-only version ready.
This is the article

On another not related topic. The Mobile Point Of Sale Server Installer has giving me a lot of grief. It has a .net component that was not registering to import/export to QB. Now it was added it to the installer, I found a tool call heat that does some magic stuff. Read the component and export on xml format all the registration code. It comes with Wix 3.5 The installer used for this project. I also added some log capabilities to the Web Sync to better see errors when exporting to QB.


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