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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ok I finished, phase I

I have been working on migrating the way I access the database to be web-centric. Well I finish, importing from QuickBooks to a backend database ( ms sql 2008, db2 9.7.2, informix 11.7, postgres 9.0, mysql 5.5.8 or sqlite3) I did test with all of them. However, for production I will use PostgreSQL. There are two ways interacting with the backend, as security goes. One, super user (creates the database, creates the low privilege user, grant access to the low privilege user to his data), and the low privilege user to access his quickbooks database. The second way, is all controlled by the backend (database creation, low privilege user activation, grants database access) . The second way is more secure as it relies on user defined functions.
This code uses NHibernate 3.0, Spring.Net 1.3.1, QBFC 10, .Net. I am slightly satisfy.
Let me continue to do some tests.

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