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Friday, February 12, 2010

Well is out

I published the software on Microsoft WinMob Marketplace. I have noticed the traffic here. I just published also the Smartphone (Standard) part, lets see when they approve it. You are welcome to write me, and ask for information here. I am still testing and fine tuning the software.
The Desktop part, has given me a lot of pain. The history behind it. It was originally a Visual Basic 6.0 app, so I ported it to C#. With the port, I carried some bugs like writing to a log c:\DataProjectErrorlog.txt. Under Vista, with UAC, I cant write to the C:\ drive. So I have to move this log to the %TEMP% directory.
I also created some other logs files, I have to move it to MyDocuments folder. The database used to be located under C:\Program Files\SierraCode\MobilePointofSale1.0, moved to c:\ProgramData\SierraCode. Which is a directory the installer create when installing the app, I gave it full access rights, read-write-create-delete.
All these are basic, changes.I totally made the mistake of testing the app under 'Administrator'. Not all the machines this app will run, the user is an 'Administrator'. So this situation created all these chaos.

So the future.

I am working to make it work under Xtuple, 2-3 more months and I have a beta. Anyone out there who wants to help, who uses Xtuple. Send me an email to test the app.
I am also working simultanously to make it run on the BlackBerry. This will be my first Java app, BlackBerry app. So far I like it, under Blackberry Java 5.0 SDK Beta , they support SQLite, so I am starting with the database port. I am migrating from C++ MFC to Java. Under Windows, I use CppSqlite3 wrapper.
I experimented with the Iphone, the Android. But I choose Blackberry as my next target. They have a good customer base. Why not. Also having this code under Java will make an easy port to Android JVM. The Android, having python is just amazing.
With the database, I experimented with python (using their db-api2), lua-sqlite3, but the code is in C++. I also took a look at I like them a lot. All this because I want to write one database module and make it work under all scenarios ( Desktop and PDAs). Also thought about porting the GUI to extJS, to make it work under all these devices, mixing it with PhoneGap, but the learning curve was steep. Writing native code has its advantages, just like wxWidgets does. I am not a Javascript guy, took a look at extJS, it doesnt look easy. I have seen criptic code, for crying outloud have done a lot of MFC but this extJS is out of my ballpark.

So guys enough for now.

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