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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Using and extending embedded python on the Desktop and embedded lua-arm on the PDA

Well I need to add more documentation to post one, but it was enough.
Now I needed to send data from PDA to the desktop. I know how to embed lua but lua doesnt have a lua ftpserver, so I settle embedding python 2.5.2 on the Desktop and using embedded lua on the PDA just to use luasocket and use their ftp module.
Now sometimes the pythonftpd server bind itself using ipv6, luasocket on the PDA is not IPV6 ready so I have to find out how I can strictly tell the embedded python and pythonftpd to use ipv4.
Anyway embedding python on the desktop and extending it with function, so when it finish receiving a file ( I start a bunch of c/c++ functions to unzip and process that data to the local sqlite3 tables. It was something to see. I may later post some code to show what I did.

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